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Welding Jacket - Best Welding Work Wear in UAE

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Torch Jacket, Welding Jacket, Crust Leather.
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Welding Jacket, Crust Leather.


  • Natural split leather
  • Button closing
  • To wear over clothing
  • Full leather collar
  • Two large front pockets
  • Excellent leather thicknes
  • Protection against small
  • Droplets of molten metals

AEN388:2016, CE CAT 1

Weight 14.90 kg

Dimensions 42 × 31 × 40 in

Colors Natural Crust

Material Crust Leather

Origin Pakistan

Packing – Packet 1 Piece

Packing – Carton 10 Pieces

Golden Jacket, Welding Jacket, Golden Suede Leather.
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Welding Jacket, Golden Suede Leather.


  • Suede leather
  • Nylon fastening with hook
  • Two pockets on front
  • To wear over clothing
  • Excellent leather thickness
  • Protection against small
  • droplets of molten metals

EN388:2016, CE CAT 1

Weight 20.85 kg

Dimensions 41 × 32 × 40 in

Colors Golden

Material Leather

Origin Pakistan

Packing – Carton 10 Pieces

A welding jacket is a specialized protective wear tailored for individuals engaged in welding and similar tasks. It serves to safeguard the user from the hazards of sparks, splatters, UV exposure, and extreme temperatures arising from welding activities.

Features of Welding Jacket

Flame-Retardant Fabric: Constructed from materials such as leather, flame-proof cotton, and other synthetics capable of enduring intense heat and potential welding-related fire risks.

Elevated Neckline: Shields the neck area from potential sparks and harmful UV rays.

Full-Length Sleeves: Ensures the arms are protected from heat and spark exposure.

Quick-Fasten Mechanisms: Features snap buttons or Velcro for effortless donning and doffing, eliminating open pockets where sparks might lodge.

Snug Wrist Seals: Designed to stop sparks or splashes from reaching inside the sleeves.

Added Length: Certain jackets extend to cover the hip region for enhanced protection.

Breathability Enhancements: Contemporary designs may incorporate ventilation zones, promoting better air circulation and increased comfort for the wearer.

Interior Compartments: Convenient for securing small essentials while shielding them from the welding process.

Why Sams Solutions?

Sams Solutions emerges as a top choice for welding jackets owing to their dedication to excellence, dependability, and innovation. Their welding jackets are meticulously crafted using superior-quality flame-resistant materials, ensuring optimum protection in high-risk welding environments. These jackets also feature enhanced visibility elements, ideal for low-light settings, catering to the safety needs of welders across different sectors.

Furthermore, with an extensive array of sizes and tailor-made options, Sams Solutions addresses the unique requirements of its clientele, positioning it as a reputable and dependable source for welding safety gear.


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