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Eye Protection - Basic Plus Safety Spectacles

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Fargo Clear, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Scratch, Anti UV Light & Clear Safety Spectacles
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Anti-Scratch, Anti UV Light & Clear Safety Spectacles.


  • Weight : Lightweight, 22g only
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Lens coating : Anti-scratch, anti uv light
  • Lens : Scratch-resistant, hard coated polycarbonate lens filters out more than 99.9% of harmful uv light. One-piece lens, dual 9.75 base curve, closely fits various facial contour. The lens provides users with clearest and the most panoramic view without obstruction.
  • Nose piece : Universal, integral to lens.
  • Temple : Modern temple design and spatula type with soft insert.
  • Temple tip : TPR inserted into temple end.
  • Screw : Stainless steel standard hinge screw.
  • Spec pouch cord (optional)

ANSI Z87.1, CE, EN166

Weight 10.1 kg

Dimensions 82 × 61 × 23 in

Material Polycarbonate


Packing – Carton 25 Pieces

Packing – Packet 12 Pieces


Basic Plus Safety Spectacles - Essential Eye Safety for Enhanced Protection


SAMS Solutions is a reliable source for high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) in the UAE. In this collection, we proudly present Basic Plus Safety Spectacles, an essential component of eye protection. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, or any industry that poses risks to your eyes, our Basic Plus Safety Spectacles offer optimal safety and protection. Explore our range of safety spectacles designed to provide enhanced eye safety and prioritize the well-being of your eyes.


Basic Plus Safety Spectacles are specially designed eyewear that provides reliable eye protection in hazardous work environments. These spectacles combine durability, comfort, and style to ensure your eyes remain shielded from potential hazards such as flying particles, debris, and chemicals. With their impact-resistant lenses and sturdy frames, Basic Plus Safety Spectacles offer superior eye safety without compromising on style or functionality.