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Flash Mirror - Sky Red, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog Anti UV Light Smoke Safety Spectacles
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Anti-Scratch Anti UV Light Sky Red Mirror Safety Spectacles.


  • Single poly bag packing includes pouch and cord.
  • Material : Polycarbonate.
  • Lens coating : Anti-scratch anti uv light
  • Lens : 8 Base curved lens filters out more than 99.9% of harmful uv light
  • Frame : Dual lens style,full frame, gloss black color.
  • Nose piece : Non-slip and ventilated nose piece.
  • Temple : Gloss black, air vented, straight back temples provide secure fit. Flexible temples with soft temple tips.
  • Hinges : Nickle silver 5 barrel type, inserted to frame temples.
  • Screw : Stainless steel standard hinge screw.

ANSI Z87.1, CE, EN166

Weight 17.59 kg

Dimensions 83 × 32 × 59 in

Material Polycarbonate


Packing – Carton 25 Pieces

Packing – Packet 12 Pieces