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Protecting Yourself from Dust and Allergens: A Guide to Disposable Respirators and Particulate Filters

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We, SAMS SOLUTIONS, is one of the most prominent suppliers in Dubai, UAE for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment. We are catering to resellers and wholesalers across UAE and the entire middle east. We understand the importance of safeguarding against respiratory hazards and our technical sales team can advise the correct product to our resellers and valuable customers. As a responsible PPE supplier in Dubai, we delve into the world of disposable respirators and particulate filters, equipping our partners with the knowledge to ensure optimal protection for themselves and their clientele.

What is respiratory protection equipment?

Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) encompasses a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) designed to protect the wearer’s mouth, nose, and respiratory system. This can include respirators, face masks, helmets, hoods, and visors.

SAMS SOLUTIONS offer various respiratory equipment which is primarily used to avoid or filter out potentially harmful substances and particles in the air. This can include dust, vapor, mist, gases, and metal fumes. However, since there are various types of RPE mask, some are specially equipped to protect against types of airborne contaminants.

What is disposable respirators?

SAMS SOLUTIONS offers a wide selection of NIOSH-approved disposable respirators to help protect against particulates in both oil and non-oil environments. Our respirators come with adjustable nose clips, a variety of strap types and attachments or are valved. A respirator can’t give workers all the protection it was designed to provide, unless it is selected and worn correctly during all periods of exposure. That’s why we use a variety of innovative technologies and features designed to enhance user comfort. Disposable respirators require a good seal between the respirator and face to deliver the expected protection.

A vast range of disposable surgical masks for civil, medical and industrial use. FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 facial filtering masks, certified according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009. Foldable or preformed disposable respirators, with or without exhalation valve and carbon filter for welding operations. We also have a range of N95 respirators as well.

Empowering Resellers and Wholesalers:

As a reseller or wholesaler operating in the UAE, prioritizing the health and safety of your clientele is paramount. We have a full-time support team to help our valuable resellers and distributors in setting up their displays, suggesting proper reusable respirators and giving the best possible reseller prices ensuring that our channel partners are fully equipped to take the market share and grow with us. Our respirator range and fully tested and certified as per the required standards. By partnering with us you will get immediate access to the following brand products in the respiratory range.

Brands you can buy from us:

  3. VENUS
  4. 3M


We, SAMS SOLUTIONS ( is catering to resellers and wholesalers across middle east and Africa from our sales outlets based in Dubai and Sharjah. We stock the products in our warehouse in Sharjah to ensure quick supply chain.  Our dedicated sales and training team will ensure helping you to choose the right respirators based on your work environment and working conditions. Please reach us now to get the best reseller rates and display support.